Volcanic Islands of the Azores and Madeira with Fred. Olsen Cruises and Go Stargazing

Volcanic Islands of the Azores and Madeira with Fred. Olsen Cruises and Go Stargazing

Friday 20th September 2024 to Thursday 3rd October 2024

Departing from Port of Southampton
White Star Way, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 3GG

Embark on an enriching sailing that unveils the myriad facets of Portugal’s allure – a voyage that marries maritime history, diverse landscapes, vibrant floral gardens, and the enchanting marine life that calls these waters home. The journey is a symphony of experiences that will linger in your heart.

The Azores beckon with their untamed beauty. Remote and beguiling, these islands offer a glimpse into a world untouched by time. Volcanic vistas and lush vegetation create a tapestry of contrasts that beg exploration. Crater lakes, their waters a riot of colors, add an otherworldly allure, inviting you to wander ashore on Terceira and São Miguel, where every step is a dance with nature.

Amidst this voyage of exploration, Scenic Discoveries await, each moment a chapter in your journey. Sail past the historic Belém Tower, a sentinel of Portugal’s maritime heritage, and let the winds of history carry you through these storied waters.

In addition, you’ll be joined aboard by an experienced astronomer from Go Stargazing for guided night sky tours under light pollution-free skies as part of Fred. Olsen’s Sky at Sea signature experience.

Stargazing highlights for this cruise
  • Explore the night skies on deck with an astronomer from Go Stargazing.
  • Learn how our ancestors interpreted the sky with a laser-guided tour of the constellations.
  • This cruise encompasses a new Moon period; with no bright Moon in the sky and no light pollution, it’s the best time and place to stargaze.
  • Once darkness falls, witness the incredible view of the Autumn Milky Way arching across the sky.
  • As we travel south, the stars in a southerly direction will get higher up in the sky. We can see some stars that are not visible from the UK’s skies.
  • Saturn will be visible from late evening and through the night. Binoculars may allow viewing some of the planet’s Moons and famous ring system.
  • Mars and Jupiter will be shining brightly and can be observed rising from the East in the early morning hours. 
  • In the early hours of the 25th of September, the half Moon will appear sandwiched between Mars and Jupiter in a spectacular conjunction.
  • A pattern of stars called the Summer Triangle will be prominent throughout the cruise; our astronomer will gladly guide you around this patch of sky rich with deep sky objects observable using binoculars.
  • View the most distant object that can be seen with just your eyes — the Andromeda Galaxy. Our astronomer will show you how to find it using binoculars.
  • Shooting stars or meteors are always a possibility if the sky is clear!
Sail away from light pollution

The map plots the course of this cruise. As you travel away from light pollution, a breathtaking canvas of stars unfolds above. The sky becomes a sanctuary of twinkling constellations, captivating stargazers with its celestial wonders. Guided by a Go Stargazing astronomer, you'll learn to navigate the skies and immerse yourself in their beauty.

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