Nominate a Dark Sky Discovery Site

Nominate a Dark Sky Discovery Site

What is a Dark Sky Discovery Site?

A Dark Sky Discovery Site is a publicly accessible location that people can visit for the purpose of stargazing. Such sites can range from village halls to public car parks, playing fields and venues with open spaces. Anywhere that helps local people, visitors, schools and groups enjoy the night sky may be considered as a Dark Sky Discovery Site.

Who can nominate a Dark Sky Discovery Site?

Anyone can nominate a location as a Dark Sky Discovery Site, however, there are some pre-requisites for such a nomination to be successful. Firstly your nomination must be supported by both the landowner and local authority (for example the Parks and Open Spaces Department). Each location requires a risk assessment to be completed and submitted with the nomination. Whilst anyone can nominate a location you will be expected to be associated with an official organisation that has some ownership or interest in the location being proposed.

Processing your nomination

We will process your nomination as promptly as possible. Successful nominations will result in your Dark Sky Discovery Site appearing on our location maps as well as being shared with our partners and affiliates, including the official Dark Sky Discovery website.


Go Stargazing is pleased to recommend sites that meet the required criteria and feature those sites as good places to see the stars on our website. We do not, however, accept any responsibility for any harm, injury, damage, loss or prosecution as a result of people visiting any of these locations.


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