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Finding stargazing events

Our website makes it easy to find stargazing events. Use the events map to find events near you. If you are looking for events based on date see the event calendar. Note that this website currently features stargazing events in the United Kingdom only.

What to expect?

Most stargazing events are run by amateur astronomers keen to share their expertise in and enthusiasm of their hobby. You can expect to receive a friendly welcome, to be told interesting space facts, maybe have a laser-pen guided tour of the night sky and to be shown cool things through telescopes, that’s the part that everyone really enjoys!

Of course stargazing is weather dependent and most organised stargazing events will include a ‘plan B’ often comprising of a talk given by an astronomer on a potentially endless variety of astronomy related subjects. Such talks are in the main all-inclusive, suitable for beginners both young and old and with the objective of sharing knowledge to a wide range of people no matter their level of experience. You can expect to be entertained even if the weather is against you!

Astronomical Society meetings tend to include talks that are a little more advanced and cover interesting but complex subjects which are still accessible to attentive adults however perhaps less so to children. Nearly all such meetings are open to the public sometimes for a small fee and often include an observing sessions afterwards if the weather allows. These events make a great opportunity to find out more about astronomy, telescopes and how you might take up the hobby. If you have a telescope take it along as there’s always someone who will be willing to help you!

Event categories

To help you identify stargazing events that might be suitable for you we allocate each and every event on our website with one or more of the following categories.

Observing only

These events are focussed on observing only when the skies are clear and as they are weather dependant will often be short notice.

Observing (if clear)

The event will offer the opportunity to observe the skies looking through telescopes if the weather permits.

Astronomy presentation

The event will include a talk on an astronomy-related topic.

Society meeting

The event is an astronomical society meeting which will likely include a talk on a specialised topic.


Such events involve camping in a remote dark sky location for a number of nights and always around a new-moon period. They offer the best chance of seeing glorious night skies and most Starcamp organisers welcome members of the public. However, be mindful that such events will have rules in place governing the use of white-light so not to spoil anyones night vision!


These events are festivals that take the form of conferences or astronomy shows often with guest speakers and trade stands.

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