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Regent's Park Hub

Regent's Park Hub

Regents Park, London, London, NW1 4RY

Despite it’s proximity to central London Regent’s Park makes for a good stargazing spot away from the worst of the city lights.  Light pollution of course spoils the view however the open space affords views of the brighter stars, planets, moon and even some galaxies and nebulae.  As such this location is used for public stargazing sessions organised by the Baker Street Irregular Astronomers.  Stargazing from central London!? Who’d have thought it?

Regent's Park Hub has been recommended as a great place to stargaze by the local authority, national park, community organisation or property owner. May require payment for access or parking.

Location events organiser

Baker Street Irregular Astronomers

Baker Street Irregular Astronomers organises events at this location

Please contact Baker Street Irregular Astronomers directly with any enquiries relating to visiting this location

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Forthcoming events

Below is a list of events at Regent's Park Hub. View these events on a calendar.

  • Stargazing with the Baker Street Irregular Astronomers

    Tuesday 23rd August 2022 from 18:30pm to 22:00pm

    Regent's Park Hub, London, NW1 4RY

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