Kielder Campsite

Kielder Village, Kielder, Northumberland, NE48 1ER

Location description

Kielder Campsite is arguably one of the best campsites for stargazing in the whole of England! Located on the outskirts of Kielder Village and at the heart of the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park the views of the starry skies above during a new Moon period are quite simply breathtaking!

The Milky Way is readily viewable arching across the sky and the “warm room” which is kept open overnight offers respite from any cold weather. As such it’s the perfect location for “Starcamps” several of which are held here throughout the year.

The campsite includes amenities such as hot showers and electric hookups and is the ideal base to explore the surrounding areas walks and excellent mountain bike trails. The nearby Anglers Arms offers great pub food and the cafe at Kielder Castle a hearty breakfast (their Northumberland Tart is highly recommended!).

Dark sky discovery site

Designated as a Dark Sky Discovery Site this location is accessible by members of the public and are officially recognised as excellent places to stargaze. Such locations often have free overnight car parking, some have toilet facilities and most do not allow overnight camping.

Stay & gaze

This location benefits from dark skies, relatively low levels of light pollution, is astronomy friendly and suitable for stargazing breaks.

Tonight's weather forecast

Weather forecast for Kielder (0.79 miles away) updated 26/03/21 at 18:00.

Location light pollution

This location is estimated to have light pollution levels similar to a dark site setting based on satellite data from CPRE.

Dark site
The above demonstrates the estimated effect of light pollution - graphics created using Stellarium.

When to stargaze at Kielder Campsite

This location's dark site setting means it benefits from dark skies depending on the time of the year and lunar cycle. In the calendar below where you can see stars indicates when the skies will be dark and the best time to stargaze. Yellow areas show the adverse effects of daylight (bold) and moonlight (faded). Hover over a day to see darkness times or click on a date for more information.

Forthcoming events at this location

The People's Star Party at Kielder - Autumn 2021

Kielder Campsite, Kielder Village, Kielder, NE48 1ER
Friday 29th October 2021 from 16:00pm to Sunday 31st October 2021 12:00pm

Kielder Forest Star Camp - Autumn 2021

Kielder Campsite, Kielder Village, Kielder, NE48 1ER
Wednesday 3rd November 2021 from 12:00pm to Monday 8th November 2021 12:00pm


When to visit

The best time to visit Kielder Campsite can be found on this dark skies calendar.

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