In Search of the Northern Lights with Fred. Olsen and Go Stargazing

In Search of the Northern Lights with Fred. Olsen and Go Stargazing

Friday 30th January 2026 to Saturday 14th February 2026

Departing from Port of Southampton
White Star Way, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 3GG

Get ready for an unforgettable winter adventure meticulously planned to offer you the chance to witness the mystical Aurora Borealis – those elusive ribbons of light that paint the night sky with their ethereal dance. During extended stays in Alta and Tromsø, immerse yourself in the rich Arctic culture as you engage with a local Sámi community, listening to their captivating stories within the cozy confines of a traditional lavvu tent.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there – venture out into the picturesque landscapes, draped in a blanket of snow during this magical time of year. Whether you opt for a snowshoe hike, a thrilling husky sled ride, or a snowmobile excursion, you’ll be treated to exhilarating experiences amidst the winter wonderland. And don’t forget to delve into the science behind the mesmerizing Northern Lights, unlocking the secrets behind this celestial spectacle that will leave you in awe.

In addition, friendly and experienced astronomers from Go Stargazing will join you offering guided stargazing sessions of the night time skies. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

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