Astrophysics for absolute beginners with Colin Stuart

Astrophysics for absolute beginners with Colin Stuart

Monday 20th September 2021 from 19:00pm to 20:00pm

Online event by Go Stargazing

Have you ever wondered what a black hole is, or what is meant by the Big Bang!?

Join the fabulous science communicator and author Colin Stuart for a question and answer session on everything astrophysics. This event is ideal for absolute beginners; children are especially welcome.

If you have ever wondered why stars and planets are round, what E=Mc2 means, how do galaxies form, anything space-related at all, then Colin will answer your questions in a way that everyone can understand.

Colin will also introduce his brand new Astrophysics for Absolute Beginners course, a 6 part online course that explains the wonders and mysteries of the Universe in simple, everyday language with no maths or complex jargon.

The Zoom meeting can be found here or you may watch the event live via our Facebook page (no Facebook login required).

Please note that this has already taken place on 20/09/2021

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