Weather forecasts

Weather forecasts

Best weather app for stargazing

If you are looking for the best weather website or phone app for stargazing, our friends at First Light Optics run the Clear Outside website. It offers detailed weather forecasts for astronomers including hours of darkness and ISS passes. There are also mobile versions available for iOS and Android.

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Weather data use on this website

We retrieve weather data from the UK Met Office regularly throughout the course of each day. We use this data to display weather forecasts from over 5,000 weather station locations across the UK for the coming 5 days. 5-day weather forecasts are shown for all of the stargazing locations that we feature on our website. They are also shown for stargazing events taking place within that timeframe.

Clear sky notifications

Weather forecast data is also used to determine forthcoming events that have a good forecast. This enables us to send out clear sky notifications alerting subscribers of stargazing events where there are favourable weather conditions. If you would like to receive such notifications simply register on our website.

Stargazing events and locations

Now have a look and see what stargazing events are taking place near you tonight, this weekend, or perhaps find your nearest stargazing location on our map.

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