Stargazing in Isle of Man

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Stargazing locations in Isle of Man

The map below shows places to go stargazing in Isle of Man including observatories, officially recognised dark sky locations and recommended sites. We very much welcome suggestions if you'd like to contact us.

List of stargazing locations in Isle of Man

Ballaugh Beach Car Park – Isle of Man

Ballaugh Beach, The Cronk, Isle of Man, IM7

Fort Island – Isle of Man

Fort Island Road, Derbyhaven, IM8 1AA

Glen Wyllin Beach Car Park – Isle of Man

Glen Wyllin, Kirk Michael, Isle of Man, IM6 1AW

Isle Of Man Observatory

Higher Foxdale, Foxdale, Ilse of Man, IM4 3HB

Smeale Beach – Isle of Man

North of Smeale, Smeale, Isle of Man, IM7 3EB

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