Northern Lights Cruise with Fred. Olsen Cruises and Go Stargazing

Northern Lights Cruise with Fred. Olsen Cruises and Go Stargazing

Tuesday 19th March 2024 to Thursday 28th March 2024

Departing from Newcastle Cruise Terminal
Port of Tyne, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, NE29 6EE

Witness the immense beauty of the Northern Lights aboard this Fred. Olsen cruise to the tip of Norway.

Enjoy immersive winter activities like dog sledging and ice fishing with a Tromsø local. Cruise through scenic highlights, including the Seven Sisters mountain range and Torghatten. Take a picturesque shortcut through the Tjeldsundet Strait on your ship, Balmoral.

On this Northern Lights Cruise, you’ll be joined by an experienced astronomer from Go Stargazing for guided night sky tours under light pollution-free skies as part of Fred. Olsen’s Sky at Sea signature experience.

Stargazing highlights for this cruise
  • Learn how our ancestors interpreted the sky with a laser-guided tour of the stars and their patterns – the constellations.
  • With the Sun approaching solar maximum and peak activity, viewing the Northern Lights is statistically more likely and displays more intense. This is especially so towards the end of the cruise when we are farther north, the Moon is lower in the sky (darker). The lights are more common around the time of the equinoxes – March 21st for spring – which is when we will be there!
  • On this cruise, we will be accompanied by our nearest celestial neighbour – the Moon. We will see how it changes shape (phase) from night to night – growing from a half Moon as we leave to a Full Moon in Norway.
  • We should notice that the stars in the northern part of the sky get higher up as we cruise north – by observing the famous pole star (which would be directly overhead at the north pole), we can work out our latitude!
  • Before Jupiter sets mid-evening, its 4 Galilean Moons can be observed with binoculars, and we may see their positions change with the planet during the cruise.
  • The elusive planet Mercury – the closest to the Sun – may be glimpsed, setting in the west just after sunset.
  • Shooting stars or meteors are always a possibility if the sky is clear!

Please note that this has already taken place on 19/03/2024

Sail away from light pollution

The map plots the course of this cruise. As you travel away from light pollution, a breathtaking canvas of stars unfolds above. The sky becomes a sanctuary of twinkling constellations, captivating stargazers with its celestial wonders. Guided by a Go Stargazing astronomer, you'll learn to navigate the skies and immerse yourself in their beauty.

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