Maritime Cities and Baltic Sailing Events with Fred. Olsen Cruises and Go Stargazing

Maritime Cities and Baltic Sailing Events with Fred. Olsen Cruises and Go Stargazing

Thursday 27th June 2024 to Thursday 11th July 2024

Departing from Dover Cruise Terminal
Western Docks, Dover, Kent, CT17 9DQ

Experience a maritime-focused journey with a thoughtfully crafted itinerary. Immerse yourself in history and events like the Tall Ships Races in Helsinki and Kiel Week during stops in Helsinki and Kiel. Kiel Week holds special significance as the place where Fred. Olsen’s grandfather once triumphed.

Explore World War II history in Gdańsk, delve into Visby and Tallinn’s medieval charm, and use Warnemünde as a gateway to Berlin’s iconic landmarks, including the Brandenburg Gate.

In addition, you’ll be joined aboard by an experienced astronomer from Go Stargazing for guided night sky tours under light pollution-free skies as part of Fred. Olsen’s Sky at Sea signature experience.

Stargazing highlights for this cruise
  • Explore the night skies on deck with an experienced astronomer from Go Stargazing.
  • Learn how our ancestors interpreted the sky with a laser-guided tour of the constellations.
  • The longer days mean darkness falls later in the evening; however, we witness incredible views of the Summer Milky Way arching right across the sky after midnight.
  • Summer months offer the opportunity to see noctilucent “night-shining” clouds from more Northern latitudes. These electric-blue high-altitude clouds, visible about an hour after sunset and an hour before sunrise, look stunning against the backdrop of dark skies and the warm colours of twilight.
  • In the early hours of the 27th and 28th of June, see close conjunction of the half Moon and Saturn and the brightly shining planets Mars and Jupiter rising from the East horizon before sunrise.
  • Observe the phase of the Moon change throughout the cruise. The Moon’s craters and mountain ranges look stunning through binoculars! And it may be possible to view some rare clair-obscure effects, including the Lunar X and V at the half-Moon phase.
Sail away from light pollution

The map plots the course of this cruise. As you travel away from light pollution, a breathtaking canvas of stars unfolds above. The sky becomes a sanctuary of twinkling constellations, captivating stargazers with its celestial wonders. Guided by a Go Stargazing astronomer, you'll learn to navigate the skies and immerse yourself in their beauty.

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