Iceland's Whales, Waterfalls and Way of Life with Fred. Olsen Cruises and Go Stargazing

Iceland's Whales, Waterfalls and Way of Life with Fred. Olsen Cruises and Go Stargazing

Thursday 29th August 2024 to Saturday 7th September 2024

Departing from Newcastle Cruise Terminal
Port of Tyne, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, NE29 6EE

Embark on an enchanting journey to Iceland, where a tapestry of remarkable landscapes, intriguing folklore, and captivating wildlife awaits your exploration. Each destination unfolds as a chapter in a story of wonder and discovery.

The voyage is punctuated with Scenic Discoveries, moments that linger in memory. Cruise past the Hornbjarg cliffs, a remote spectacle in the Westfjörds region.

Venture to Borgarfjörður Eystri, a place of ancient legend where elves are said to reside. Here, the landscape is imbued with enchantment, inviting you to explore its hidden secrets.

With each stop, Iceland weaves its spell, inviting you to uncover its mysteries, embrace its wonders, and create your own stories amidst the backdrop of this captivating land.

In addition, you’ll be joined aboard by an experienced astronomer from Go Stargazing for guided night sky tours under light pollution-free skies as part of Fred. Olsen’s Sky at Sea signature experience.

Stargazing highlights for this cruise
  • Explore the night skies on deck with an astronomer from Go Stargazing.
  • Learn how our ancestors interpreted the sky with a laser-guided tour of the constellations.
  • With the Sun approaching solar maximum and peak activity, viewing the Northern Lights is statistically more likely and displays more intense. It’s the best time to see Aurora in years! Also, around the time of the equinoxes – September 22nd for Autumn – the lights are more common, which is close to when we will be there! 
  • We should notice that the stars in the northern part of the sky get higher up as we cruise north – by observing the famous pole star (which would be directly overhead at the north pole), we can work out our latitude!
  • The ringed planet Saturn will be visible most of the night and approaching its maximum brightness all year. Through binoculars, we may glimpse the famous rings. 
  • Mars and Jupiter will shine bright and can be observed rising from the East in the early morning hours. See the Moons of Jupiter using binoculars and watch how they change position in relation to the giant planet during the cruise.
  • With the lack of the Moon and dark skies, we should have a fantastic view of the late summer milky way.
  • Mercury reaches its maximum elongation from the Sun and the highest point in the sky on the morning of September 5th; it’s the best opportunity to observe the innermost planet all year!
  • Shooting stars or meteors are always a possibility if the sky is clear!
Sail away from light pollution

The map plots the course of this cruise. As you travel away from light pollution, a breathtaking canvas of stars unfolds above. The sky becomes a sanctuary of twinkling constellations, captivating stargazers with its celestial wonders. Guided by a Go Stargazing astronomer, you'll learn to navigate the skies and immerse yourself in their beauty.

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