Noctilucent night shining clouds

During the Summer months of June and July an exceptional and wonderful phenomenon can be seen in our night-time skies.

Noctilucent (Latin for night shining) clouds are formed of ice crystals high up in the Earth’s atmosphere. Their extreme altitude allows the Sun’s light to reflect off them at a specific angle causing them to appear illuminated. Only at this time of year, when the Sun sets low below the horizon in the Northern hemisphere, can these clouds be readily visible on clear summer nights appearing as ghostly whispers of light shimmering in the darkness of night.

As you can see from the amazing photograph the effects are simply stunning! The image was taken by Matt Robinson of Astro Matt Photography from Roker Beach during the early hours of a summer’s morning just prior to sunrise in 2015 and won him an award from Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year.

To see them you’ll need to be a night-owl as they are best viewed about half an hour after sunset through to half an hour before sunrise. Look towards the North and spot them towards the horizon, the further North you are the higher they should appear in the sky. Recently they have been spotted from as far South as the South coast of England!

For more images of noctilucent clouds check Google Images.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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