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See the Lunar Eclipse, Planets and Space Station on 27th July 2018

Friday 27th July 2018 is set to be an awesome date for astronomy with a number of astronomical events taking place during the evening and throughout the course of the night including the appearance of a “blood moon”, three awesome planets to observe through a telescope and a bright pass of the International Space Station.

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Win a stargazing break to Northumberland Dark Sky Park

Go Stargazing has teamed up with The Redesdale Arms to offer a fantastic weekend away in Northumberland! Located at the heart of the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park The Redesdale Arms is the perfect place to explore star-filled skies. Being away from light pollution during new moon means the skies are at their very darkest

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Go Stargazing Live 2018

The popular TV programme BBC Stargazing Live 2018 is unfortunately not taking place this year, as confirmed by Dara O’Briain on Twitter. The show, along with the numerous associated stargazing events that take place to coincide with it, will be very much missed by stargazing enthusiasts. The Go Stargazing Team supported the TV show in

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National Parks Dark Skies Festival 2018

The 3rd annual National Parks Dark Skies Festival this year runs from the 9th to 25th February 2018. The festival celebrates the wonderful dark skies that can be seen across a number of regions across our country including the North York Moors, Yorkshire Dales, South Downs and (new for this year) Northumberland national parks. During

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Where to see the Geminid meteor shower – December 2017

This year’s Geminid meteor shower takes place from 4th December to the 16th December with peak activity on the evening of the 13th December through to the morning of 14th December. During the peak up to 120 meteors per hour might be seen with the best time to see them being from midnight through to

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Exmoor Dark Skies Festival 2017

The Exmoor Dark Skies Festival 2017 takes place between 19th and 29th October 2017. It features numerous astronomically themed events including everything from space-movies through to astrophotography tuition and public stargazing. Many of the events take place during half-term and are perfect for families with space-interested children! The festival celebrates the wonderful dark skies above

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Where to see the Orionid Meteor Shower – October 2017

The annual Orionid meteor shower takes place from 2nd October through to 7th November. Peak activity occurs on the evening of 20th October and the early hours of the 21st October when approximately 20 meteors per hour might be seen — the best time being from midnight through to dawn. (main image credit: SLOOH) The

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North Pennines Stargazing Festival 2017

The inaugural North Pennines Stargazing Festival takes place from 21st October 2017 through to 30th October 2017 in celebration of the wonderful dark starry skies that can be seen across the region. The festival includes numerous events many of which involve getting out in the darkness and exploring the night skies above.  Timed to coincide

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Where to see the Perseids meteor shower – August 2017

The annual Perseids meteor shower is possibly the most eagerly anticipated by astronomers. For several years now the Perseids have resulted in a great show with dozens of bright meteors being spotted per hour around the peak of their activity. Each year as the Earth travels on its orbit around the Sun it encounters a

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Noctilucent night shining clouds

During the Summer months of June and July an exceptional and wonderful phenomenon can be seen in our night-time skies. Noctilucent (Latin for night shining) clouds are formed of ice crystals high up in the Earth’s atmosphere. Their extreme altitude allows the Sun’s light to reflect off them at a specific angle causing them to

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Stargazing in the forest

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Spending time in the countryside is one of the last few free pleasures in life, you simply can’t beat wandering through the acres of forest that our beautiful countryside provides, perhaps wandering around sculpture trails or even just enjoying the local wildlife. From early 2017 the Forestry Commission England, who runs most of England’s forest estate,

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Stargazing events half term February 2017

School holidays always present a bit of a dilemma for many parents. What can you do to help keep children active and occupied? How can you get them out of the house and have a break from the games console or television? How about going one better! Get them inspired and go stargazing! There are

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National Parks Dark Skies Festival 2017

The National Parks Dark Skies Festival this year runs from the 18th to 26th February 2017. During this period there will be numerous activities and events taking place within the North York Moors, Yorkshire Dales and South Downs National Parks. All events are suitable for families and therefore offer a great opportunity to get outdoors

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BBC Stargazing Live 2017

Looking for Stargazing Live 2018? Check here… It has been officially announced that the popular BBC Stargazing Live TV show will be on our screens once again on the 28th, 29th and 30th March 2017. This year the team will be broadcasting live from Australia. To coincide with the television program there are a number

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Go Starcamping!

A “Starcamp” is an organised stargazing event that takes place at a time around a new moon when the skies are nice and dark for stargazing. Such events are often based at a remote campsite or caravan park and away from light pollution. “Starcamping” offers a means of getting away from the city lights, away

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Let’s go stargazing!

Welcome to Go Stargazing! Thank you for visiting our website which we have created to help you find stargazing events and locations near you. As a group of enthusiastic astronomers we enjoy sharing our hobby with members of the public and frequently help with stargazing events across the North of England. From experience we know

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