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The Search for Dark Energy

The Search for Dark Energy

Friday 23rd October 2020 from 18:30pm to 19:30pm

Online event by Yorkshire Dales National Park

If you have heard of dark energy but are unsure what it is then there are few people better qualified to tell you all about it than Dr Luke Tyas, Lead Astronomer for the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI).

Dr Luke works as an optical scientist for Durham University and helped build key components of this $55 million experiment now housed at the famous Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona. Learn how this incredible technology aims to help answer some of the fundamental questions astronomers face about dark energy and the expanding Universe. This presentation is a perfect introduction to a complex topic and is ideal for beginners and novices.

This event is FREE and will take the form of a Zoom meeting that will also be streamed LIVE to the Go Stargazing Facebook page. If you wish to participate in the Zoom meeting (where you may ask questions of the presenters) please complete the form below. If you use Facebook you can say you are "interested" in this event here to get a reminder.

Note that a Facebook login is not required to access the live video stream -- please use this link and ignore the prompts by Facebook to login or create an account.

The event is taking place as part of the National Parks Virtual Dark Skies Week which is organised jointly by the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks, this with enthusiastic support from the team at Go Stargazing!

Please note that this event has already taken place on 23/10/2020

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Yorkshire Dales National Park

Yorkshire Dales National Park is organising this event

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