Thanet Observatory Public Open Evening

Friday 26th March 2021 from 19:00pm to 22:30pm

Thanet Observatory

Monkton Nature Reserve, Monkton, CT12 4LH


Join the Monkton Stargazers for this one of their regular public open evening of the Thanet Observatory at Monkton Nature Reserve.  Enjoy fantastic views through the observatory's 12inch Newtonian telescope and gaze at the stars above -- the location is probably much darker despite it's proximity to a nearby agricultural greenhouse installation!

These events take place every 4th Friday of the month (except May, June and July and are free of charge to members of the Reserve. Non members can attend one event for free before being asked to join.  

Note that these events are subject to favourable weather conditions and the event start time is subject to change -- contact Monkton Reserve before 5pm on the day to confirm any last minute event details.

- Event will involve stargazing and observing the skies through telescopes weather permitting


This online event is being organised by Monkton Stargazers who should be contacted if you have any queries. If you do attend this online event it would be great if you could let the organiser know you found out about it via Go Stargazing, thank you!


Contact Monkton Nature Reserve before 3pm on the day of the event to confirm start time and any last minute changes!

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Location light pollution

This location is estimated to have light pollution levels similar to a semi-rural setting based on satellite data from CPRE.

Dark site
The above demonstrates the estimated effect of light pollution - graphics created using Stellarium.

Location darkness on Friday 26th March 2021

The below graphic shows if and when it will be dark at Thanet Observatory on the evening of this event. Yellow areas show when the skies are not dark due to daylight (bold yellow) and moonlight (faded yellow). Click on the image for an explanation on how darkness is determined.

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