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Stonehaugh Astronomy - We are stardust

Stonehaugh Astronomy - We are stardust

Monday 4th November 2019 from 19:30pm to 21:30pm

Stonehaugh Community Hall
Stonehaugh, Hexham, NE48 3DZ, North East

Everything has a beginning, even us! but where did it all start?
In this event we will explore the substance of the universe, peer into the heart of a star, and explore the mechanics within.
We will also look at the universe from the early years to the present.
“What was there before?”
“What will happen in the end?”
“Will there be an end?”

Join us in the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park while we consider the substance of 'everything'.

Please note that this event has already taken place on 04/11/2019

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Stonehaugh Astronomy

Stonehaugh Astronomy is organising this event

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Event darkness

The Moon has a big impact on the visibility of celestial bodies in the night sky. Try to plan your stargazing when there is no bright Moon at night as this is when the skies will be at their darkest.

The below chart shows if and when the skies will be at their darkest during this event. Moonlight is shown in light yellow and the Sun's twilight in light blue. Midnight on the date shown is shown as a white line with sunset to the left and sunrise the next morning to the right. A black background with stars shows the best times for stargazing.

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