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Stargazing down under with Greg Quicke

Stargazing down under with Greg Quicke

Saturday 5th June 2021 from 10:00am to 11:00am

Online event by Go Stargazing

Join astronomer Greg Quicke, affectionately known as "Space Gandalf" from the BBC Stargazing Live TV series, for this free presentation live and direct from his AstroTours stargazing base in Broome, Australia.

Greg will not only share his incredible story but will also give amazing insights into what can be seen in the night skies from the Southern Hemisphere, perhaps quoting extracts from his fabulous book Is the Moon Upside Down?

If you would like to attend the free Zoom meeting where you will have the opportunity to ask Greg questions please login/register and submit the booking form below. The event will also be streamed live and free via our FaceBook page. Our FaceBook page is accessible to the public and no login is required to watch the stream.

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