Royal Institution Public Talk - Modelling the cosmos

Royal Institution Public Talk - Modelling the cosmos

Monday 9th October 2023 from 19:00pm to 20:30pm

The Royal Institution
21 Albermarle Street, London, London, W1S 4BS

Join world-renowned physicist Claudia Maraston and dive into the world of Stellar Population Models. These models observe the spectro-photometric and mass properties of galaxies, and have found widespread applications in astrophysics and cosmology, providing us with the tools to study galaxy formation and evolution both theoretically and through data interpretation.

Claudia will explore how Stellar Population Models are developed, using leading-edge techniques to predict the properties of stars and their evolution over time. You’ll discover how these models are used to study the formation and evolution of galaxies, shedding light on the mysteries of the universe and its origins.

Whether you’re an astrophysics enthusiast or just curious, this talk promises to be a fascinating journey through one of the most exciting fields in modern science. So, join us as we unravel the secrets of the cosmos and explore the frontiers of our understanding of the Universe.

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Please note that this has already taken place on 09/10/2023

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