Royal Institution Public Talk - Evolution, AI and interstellar travel

Royal Institution Public Talk - Evolution, AI and interstellar travel

Monday 20th November 2023 from 19:00pm to 20:30pm

The Royal Institution
21 Albermarle Street, London, London, W1S 4BS

Every second of our lives – whether we’re looking both ways before crossing the street, celebrating the birth of a baby, or moving to a new city – we must cope with an unknowable future by telling stories about what will happen next.

Where is the future, the place where we set those stories? Can we trust our future stories? And what sort of futures do they show us? Join historian and bestselling author David Christian as he offers an introduction to the strange world of the future.

What we think we know about it at all scales, from the predictive mechanisms of single-celled organisms and tomato plants to the merging of colossal galaxies billions of years from now. Drawing together science, history and philosophy from a huge range of places and times, David will explore how we prepare for uncertain futures, including the future of human evolution, artificial intelligence, interstellar travel, and more.

For all those curious about what the world could look like in the next hundred years and what the solutions to the biggest challenges facing us all could look like, this is an unmissable event.

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Please note that this has already taken place on 20/11/2023

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