Milky Way Star Party - Lincolnshire

Milky Way Star Party - Lincolnshire

Saturday 5th October 2019 from 19:30pm to 20:00pm

Chambers Farm Wood - Forestry Commission
Education Barn - Chambers Farm Wood, Market Rasen, LN8 5JR

Join astronomer Richard Darn for a stunning view of the Milky Way above the dark 900 acre Chambers Farm Wood. If you have never seen this river of light overhead this is the perfect time of year and the ideal location, away from city light pollution. We will also break out big telescopes to show you star clusters and galaxies far, far away, and keep eyes peeled for shooting stars. But we’ll start with a colourful talk to set the scene in the education barn and enjoy warm refreshments and cake! Goes ahead in all weather.

Please note that this event has already taken place on 05/10/2019

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Starmakers Stargazing Group is organising this event

Please contact Starmakers Stargazing Group directly for more details regarding this event or, if appropriate, contact the event venue.

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Event darkness

The Moon has a big impact on the visibility of celestial bodies in the night sky. Try to plan your stargazing when there is no bright Moon at night as this is when the skies will be at their darkest.

The below chart shows if and when the skies will be at their darkest during this event. Moonlight is shown in light yellow and the Sun's twilight in light blue. Midnight on the date shown is shown as a white line with sunset to the left and sunrise the next morning to the right. A black background with stars shows the best times for stargazing.

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