Lyrids Meteor Shower and Jupiter at Redesdale

Lyrids Meteor Shower and Jupiter at Redesdale

Friday 21st April 2017 from 17:00pm to Sunday 23rd April 2017 12:00pm

Redesdale Arms
Horsley, Rochester, NE19 1TA

This event offers a wonderful opportunity for a short stargazing break to one of the darkest locations in the UK at one of the most welcoming of venues, The Redesdale Arms.

The date of this event coincides with the peak of the annual Lyrid meteor shower where you can expect to see 10 – 20 bright meteors per hour, especially from this dark sky location, at a time when there is no moon in the sky allowing you the best views of the amazing dark skies above Northumberland.

The planet Jupiter is also well placed for observing, with the help of enthusiastic astronomers (some of whom are on the Go Stargazing team) and large telescopes you’ll be observing the moons of Jupiter as well as numerous deep sky objects.

There will also be presentations on various astronomical topics and solar observing during the day.

Please note that this event has already taken place on 21/04/2017

Event organiser

Starmakers Stargazing Group is organising this event

Please contact Starmakers Stargazing Group directly for more details regarding this event or, if appropriate, contact the event venue.

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Bookings for this event can be made directly with the Redesdale Arms, link below.

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