Go Stargazing at Hamsterley – Exciting Space Missions

Tuesday 30th April 2019 from 20:00pm to 22:00pm

Hamsterley Forest Visitor Centre

Hamsterley Forest, Bedburn, County Durham, DL13 3NL


Join the team from Go Stargazing at the fabulous location of Hamsterley Forest for an evening exploring our Universe! The priority at all of these events is stargazing so if the skies are clear you'll be observing using large aperture telescopes with expert amateur astronomers (and some professionals!) to help you.

We'll keep you warmed by breaking for soup + roll + hot drink and then entertain you with a presentation on an astronomical topic. If the weather does not permit us to be outside you'll instead enjoy a virtual tour of the night time skies and be shown how to find astronomical objects of interest. Ticket price includes food, drink, car parking and transaction fees.

- Event includes an astronomy related presentation or talk.

- Event will involve stargazing and observing the skies through telescopes weather permitting

Corona virus

Please be aware that due to the Coronavirus it is likely that this event has been cancelled or postponed. If you are considering attending this event please double check with the event organiser directly to confirm. If this event is indeed affected the organisers will no doubt need your support in the future -- please do consider attending an event of theirs when possible! Thank you!


This online event is being organised by Go Stargazing who should be contacted if you have any queries.

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Location light pollution

This location is estimated to have light pollution levels similar to a rural setting based on satellite data from CPRE.

Dark site
The above demonstrates the estimated effect of light pollution - graphics created using Stellarium.

Location darkness on Tuesday 30th April 2019

The below graphic shows if and when it will be dark at Hamsterley Forest Visitor Centre on the evening of this event. Yellow areas show when the skies are not dark due to daylight (bold yellow) and moonlight (faded yellow). Click on the image for an explanation on how darkness is determined.

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