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Black Holes and the Event Horizon Telescope

Black Holes and the Event Horizon Telescope

Sunday 1st November 2020 from 18:30pm to 19:30pm

Online event by Yorkshire Dales National Park

In this talk Dr Fred considers one of the strangest phenomena in the universe - that of the black-hole. As well as an introduction to black holes the talk will discuss the recent very first direct image of a black hole and how it was made. Finally we have proved the existence of these strange and wonderful objects one hundred years after their prediction by Einstein's general relativity theory.

This event is FREE and takes place as a Zoom meeting and also streamed LIVE via the Go Stargazing public Facebook page.

Note that a Facebook login is not required to access the live video stream -- please use this link and ignore the prompts by Facebook to login or create an account.

The event is taking place as part of the National Parks Virtual Dark Skies Week which is organised jointly by the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks, this with enthusiastic support from the team at Go Stargazing!

Please note that this event has already taken place on 01/11/2020

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Yorkshire Dales National Park

Yorkshire Dales National Park is organising this event

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