BBQ, Twilight Meander, Forest Bathing & Stargazing

BBQ, Twilight Meander, Forest Bathing & Stargazing

Saturday 5th August 2023 from 19:15pm to 22:15pm

High Dalby House and Cottages
Dalby Forest Drive, Pickering, North Yorkshire, YO18 7LP

The evening starts with nourishing food cooked over a BBQ by Ian and Linda – our wonderful hosts from High Dalby House. Always served with a smile, you’ll certainly receive a fantastic welcome here!

Afterwards we’ll weave our way around their mature woodland at twilight. Threaded by a babbling beck, the area is a nature lovers delight. But this walk is less about identifying what you’ll discover and more about enhancing your outdoor experience. It’ll enable you to see and hear so much more. And you’ll feel re-connected to this wonderful planet too.

We’ll pause along our meander to listen to the spectacular evening chorus as diurnal bird species head to bed. Watch bats come out of their daytime slumber. Pick out stars appearing as the sun dips below the horizon. You may even find yourself snuggled under a blanket, lying down, to take in the vast sky above you.
Heading out after sunset is a wonderful mood booster. This is because your primary sense – sight – takes a back seat while all your other senses become alive. Weave in a mindful activity along the way, and your ability to feel awe increases. An emotion now considered more important than happiness.

One thing is for sure, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after this experience.

Please note that this has already taken place on 05/08/2023

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Event darkness

The Moon has a big impact on the visibility of celestial bodies in the night sky. Try to plan your stargazing when there is no bright Moon at night as this is when the skies will be at their darkest.

The below chart shows if and when the skies will be at their darkest during this event. Moonlight is shown in light yellow and the Sun's twilight in light blue. Midnight on the date shown is shown as a white line with sunset to the left and sunrise the next morning to the right. A black background with stars shows the best times for stargazing.

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