Astronomy gift ideas for Christmas

Christmas gifts for astronomers

From beginners telescopes and accessories to stargazing experience vouchers and getaways, here we offer some of the best astronomy gifts to give to enthusiastic stargazers, both young and older, for Christmas 2020.


Telescopes make an ideal Christmas present particularly for younger astronomers. Availability however is somewhat scarce due to strong sales throughout the year with many retailers out of stock. Our suggestions below have some stock availability, are easy to setup and use and come with sturdy mounts.

For more comprehensive advice on what to look for when buying a telescope see our Which is the best telescope for beginners? guide. We recommend buying through a reputable dealer such as First Light Optics who frequently have telescopes come up in their list of sale offers!

Sky-Watcher Evostar-90

Sky-Watcher Evostar-90

This is a great grab and go telescope which is easy to setup and operate. It comes with a solid tripod on sturdy mount and fine adjusters which help you keep objects in the field of view as they move across the sky due to Earth’s rotation. It has a 90mm lens which gathers a good amount of light resulting in great views of the Moon, planets and the brighter deep sky objects.

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Sky-Watcher Mercury-707

Sky-Watcher Mercury-707

This is another good beginner’s telescope giving excellent views of the Moon and planets and good views of other objects. It comes with a “goto” mount which enables you to use a mobile app to point the telescope at numerous objects, although this does require some practice when setting up your telescope. The 70mm lens is a little small however the mount itself is a sound investment offering upgrade path if you want a larger instrument in future.

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Sky-Watcher Skyliner 200P

Sky-Watcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian

This full size Dobsonian telescope is another ideal beginners telescope, its larger 8″ mirror collects more light and therefore offers better views of deep sky objects. The below mentioned book “Turn Left at Orion” is a perfect combination. Note that these telescopes are extremely popular with very limited stock!

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Celestron NeXYZ SmartPhone Adapter

Celestron NeXYZ SmartPhone Adapter

This cool device makes it easy to attach a mobile phone to a telescope eyepiece and is absolutely fantastic for taking photos of the Moon! The perfect accessory for any telescope!

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Helios 10x50 binocularsThese entry level binoculars perform extremely well for their price and are a perfect introduction to visual astronomy. They offer the right amount of magnification to be hand held while enabling views of craters on the Moon, the Moons of Jupiter, some of the brighter star clusters even the Andromeda Galaxy and the Orion Nebulae. Even better when used with a tripod and this adapter.

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Stargazing Experience Vouchers

Stargazing Experience VouchersStargazing experience vouchers make for a fantastic gift for anyone interested in astronomy! Vouchers are redeemable against events which take place in some of the UK’s best stargazing locations such as the North East, North West and central Wales.

View recommended stargazing experience vouchers


Stargazing Breaks

Stargazing BreaksHow about gifting your family or friends a stargazing getaway!? Having spent so much time stuck at home what better change of scenery than somewhere with fabulous dark, star-filled skies?

View recommended stargazing breaks


Turn Left at Orion

Turn Left at Orion Ask any astronomer which book they might recommend as to how to find objects in the sky and the majority will suggest Turn Left at Orion. With easy to use guides covering all of the constellations in the Northern hemisphere this book is the perfect accompaniment to any telescope helping beginners learn their way around the constellations, identifying the brightest and most interesting deep sky objects and observing them through their telescope. Much better than any phone or tablet app!

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A Cat’s Guide to the Night Sky

A Cat's Guide to the Night SkyAimed at astronomers aged from about 7 to 12 this book is a wonderful introduction to the practical side of astronomy. Follow Felicity the Cat as she guides you around the constellations learning everything from the phases of the moon to how to see the Northern Lights. A perfect Christmas gift for any child interested in space! Available in bookshops.

Purchase A Cat’s Guide to the Night Sky from Amazon


50 Things to See with a Telescope

50 Things to See with a TelescopeThis book goes hand in hand with any new telescope! Ideal for children and novices the book covers the best stargazing objects to see each season.

Purchase 50 Things to See with a Telescope from Amazon


101 Facts you didn’t know about Space

101 Facts you didn't know about SpaceBBC astronomer Mark Thompson has created this amazing book which offers some of the most interesting space facts we’ve ever come across! Perfect for enthusiasts or novices alike.

Buy Mark’s book from Amazon


The Solar System – by Aston Smith

Aston Smith The Solar SystemAston Smith is a keen aspiring astronomer who despite being only 8 years of age and living with ADHD and Autism has written an amazing book about one of his favourite topics — the solar system! It’s packed with interesting facts and diagrams and can be enjoyed by fellow children and adults alike!

Buy Aston’s book directly from his website


Philip’s 2021 Stargazing Guide

Philip's 2021 Stargazing GuideThis is our favourite pocket guide summarising what to see in the night skies on a monthly basis. It’s an excellent resource for anyone keen on looking up and great stocking filler!

Purchase Philip’s 2021 Stargazing Guide from Amazon


Solarcan pinhole camera

SolarcanThis is a great present for anyone interested in photography or even abstract art! Place a Solarcan facing Southwards and let it capture the path of the Sun’s light as our closest star moves across the sky! Excellent stocking filler!

Purchase a Solarcan directly from their website


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