Nominate an organisation to receive a telescope from Scopes4SEN

About Scopes4SEN

Scopes4SEN donates telescopes to organisations and families that support children with special educational needs and / or vulnerable persons. The charity is run by Joanne and Patrick Poitevin who are two of the most lovely, kind and generous people you might ever be fortunate to meet.

Since the charity started in November 2015 they have donated over 900 telescopes to schools, hospitals, retreat centres, trusts, community groups and private homes and are always open to recommendations and suggestions as to who might benefit from receiving one of their telescopes.

For more information please see their official website which features an ever growing list of telescope recipients. If you would like to support them by making a donation you can do so via PayPal with monies received helping to cover the costs of sending telescopes on to their new homes.

Nominating an organisation

Updated 16/07/20 Scopes4SEN have received a large number of nominations and have asked Go Stargazing to suspend new requests. If you have already submitted a request Scopes4SEN will be in touch with you soon. Unfortunately it is not possible for them to commit to a specific date as to when your telescope may be delivered, however if your application is successful you will be given two days notice and a UPS tracking number to make necessary arrangements for delivery or give directions where to leave the parcel.

If you have not yet nominated an organisation to receive a telescope and would like to do so we kindly ask that you back here in early September. Thank you!

Go Stargazing is very pleased to be of help to Scopes4SEN and their charitable endeavours by hosting the below telescope request form making it easy for you to nominate an organisation to receive a telescope. Details entered in the form will be forwarded to Scopes4SEN and stored in the Go Stargazing database solely for the purpose of effecting your request. Your data will be kept secure and will never be shared with any other third parties. Please be aware that telescopes can only be delivered to destinations in the United Kingdom. If you are nominating a school and are not a teacher or employee of that school please can you check with them first to ensure they would be happy to take delivery of a telescope? Thank you!

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