Delamere Forest Park – Forestry Commission

Linmere, Northwich, CW8 2JD

Location description

Light pollution maps show Delamere Forest Park located in a pocket of darker skies in between Chester and Northwich and thus offers a respite from the city lights and a fantastic stargazing location.  The surrounding forest helps to block out light pollution on the horizons leaving amazing views of the skies above. Members of the Mid-Cheshire Astronomical Group hold monthly meetings here in the Forest Explorers classroom.

Location event organiser

Mid-Cheshire Astronomical Group organises stargazing events at this location.

Astronomical society

Meeting place for local astronomical society, often in a location that enables stargazing and observing.

Go stargazing site

A place identified by the Go Stargazing team as a good spot to stargaze from. This is based on local light pollution levels, distance from nearby towns and cities and having somewhere safe to park. These locations tend to be remote car parks with no facilities.

Tonight's weather forecast

Weather forecast for Delamere (0.56 miles away) updated 14/12/17 at 20:00.

Location light pollution

This location is estimated to have light pollution levels similar to a semi-rural setting based on satellite data from CPRE.

Dark site
The above demonstrates the estimated effect of light pollution - graphics created using Stellarium.

When to stargaze at Delamere Forest Park - Forestry Commission

This location's semi-rural setting means it benefits from dark skies depending on the time of the year and lunar cycle. In the calendar below where you can see stars indicates when the skies will be dark and the best time to stargaze. Yellow areas show the adverse effects of daylight (bold) and moonlight (faded). Hover over a day to see darkness times or click on a date for more information.

Forthcoming events at this location

Mid-Cheshire Astronomical Group Monthly Meeting

Friday 22nd December 2017 from 19:30pm to 22:00pm
Observing (if clear), Society Meeting


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When to visit

The best time to visit Delamere Forest Park - Forestry Commission can be found on this dark skies calendar.

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